Benefits of thermal energy storage

Implementation of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) in industrial energy systems offers a myriad of advantages, including facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources, enabling surplus heat recovery, and decoupling energy supply and demand for smarter energy utilization. Additionally, it offers efficient energy storage capabilities, effectively storing cheap, off-peak electricity as thermal energy, providing reliable backup support during peak demand. Moreover, TES technologies play a crucial role in ensuring electricity grid stability and reducing congestion by managing peaks in electric and thermal loads. The full-scale implementation of TES in the EU industrial sector could lead to substantial benefits, such as the replacement of 1793 TWh of fossil fuels with renewable energy and surplus heat, resulting in an annual reduction of 513 Mt CO2 equivalent, a significant contribution to the EU’s decarbonization objectives.

Greendur’s unique deeptech approach

Our thermal energy storage system utilizes phase change materials (PCMs) that undergo a transition from solid to liquid, offering a competitive advantage with higher energy storage capacity. Latent heat-based systems achieve energy densities 5 to 14 times greater than sensible heat-based systems, resulting in more compact equipment. They maintain a constant temperature during discharge, making them ideal for industrial applications with constant process heat demand and space limitations.

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Decarbonizing industrial heat generation through latent-based thermal energy storage solutions

Greater resilience and energy security: LHTES provides a backup heat supply during grid outages or disruptions, ensuring continuous operations.

Clean and sustainable heat availability: LHTES balances generation and demand, enabling greater integration of renewable heat sources for a more sustainable future.

Compact and reliable energy storage capabilities: TES based on latent heat has a high energy density (100-150 kWh/m3) and enables almost constant temperature discharge.

Improved energy efficiency: LHTES captures and stores waste heat from industrial processes, reducing emissions & enhancing overall efficiency. Recovering waste heat & using it to preheat furnaces can increase the efficiency of industrial processes by 10 %.

Various thermal battery charging options: locally produced renewable energy such as solar PV or wind can be used alongside grid electricity and waste heat from industrial plants to charge our thermal battery.

Why Greendur?

Our company Roadmap

Founded in Navarra, Spain in 2020, GREENDUR pioneers industrial heat transformation with advanced thermal energy storage. The company has five core values: Sustainability, Innovation, Excellence, Customer Focus, and Teamwork.


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